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Frequently Asked Questions

I have never used these services before. How does this work?

Airport Parking Specials has partnered with carefully chosen garages and parking facilities across the country to offer discounted parking services to our clients. You will simply choose the facility you would like to park at, whether it is valet or self-serve parking, and make your reservation. Bring a copy of your reservation with you when you arrive at the chosen facility, and the professional staff of our Certified Airport Parking Partners will assist you with where to park and loading your luggage onto the complimentary shuttle, which will then bring you directly to your terminal.

Why is it necessary for me to make a reservation?

Clients are asked to make reservations, because it ensures they will be provided with a parking space, no matter how busy their chosen parking facility might be. Additionally, when you make your reservation through Airport Parking Specials, it guarantees that youwill be provided with the lowest rates available. If you arrive at a parking facility without making a reservation, you will have to pay higher prices, and it can cause a delay in getting you to the airport in a timely fashion if you have to make a reservation on site.

How far in advance do I need to make my reservation?

In most cases, it is recommended that you make a reservation with our Certified Airport Parking Partners 3-4 days in advance of your travel arrangements; however, exceptions can be made when your plans won't allow you to book that far in advance. As a general rule of thumb, the earlier you make your reservations, the lower rates you will enjoy. Reservations can be accepted up to 6 months in advance of your travel plans.

Will I need a credit card to make my reservation?

Yes. Airport Parking Specials offers full payment online for several reasons. For example, it minimizes the time you spend at the parking facility site by not having to pay at the facility. Often times, the facilities at an airport can be quite busy, especially during peak travel hours. Additionally, using a credit card to make your reservation locks in your rate in the event that rates rise between the booking date and your actual arrival date.

What happens if I need to cancel or change my reservation?

It will be no problem for you to modify or cancel your reservation up to 24 hours before your scheduled arrival at the parking lot. Cancellations not made 24 hours in advance of your scheduled arrival date and time cannot be processed. If you return at a later date than your reservation, then the chosen parking facility will simply calculate the additional days at your reserved rate, and the balance can be paid upon your return from the airport.

What happens if my stay ends up being shorter than what I prepaid?

The parking lot reserves your space for the entire duration of your stay and does not sell your space until your scheduled return date and time. Therefore, shorter than planned parking stays will not result in a refund or credit.

Can I be required to valet my car even though I booked self-park?

In the event that the parking lot is full, you may be required to valet your car even though you booked a self-park option. But don't worry! Your car will be safe and sound. Our partners pride themselves in taking great care of your car and ensuring that it is safe and secure at all times. All of our partners have 24/7 security on-site and the properties have fences all around them.

What does valet mean?

Valet means that the selected parking partner will park the car for you, keep your keys, and have the car waiting for you by the entrance to the parking lot upon your return. You won't have to walk with your all of your luggage nor will you have to find your car upon return. You will park your car by the shuttle waiting area and have your car waiting for you there when you return. Your car will be safe and sound with the selected parking partner. All of our partners pride themselves in taking great care of your care and have 24/7 security on-site.